Month: July 2016

Special Offers for participants on Waterstones Nottingham courses

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We’re pleased to announce through our partnership with Waterstones that all participants whose courses are taking place at Waterstones in Nottingham from September 2016 to July 2017 will be eligible for a 10% discount card. The discount can be redeemed against any book purchases in store at Waterstones during the duration of the course they

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Success Stories

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We asked Writing School participants past and present to share with us some of their recent publishing and writing successes. If you’re a current participant or you took one of our courses in the past and you’d like to tell us about your own successes, please do get in touch. Email Clare on:  

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Where Do I Begin?

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Picture this: I’m at a book festival, running around corralling authors and talking to attendees.  Person A says to me, “You know, I’ve had this idea for ages, and I want to write a book. I just have no idea where to start.” This question is one I can pretty much guarantee I’ll get at

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