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  • Write a Short Play with Hugh Dichmont £118.00£123.00
  • Write and Print an Artist’s Book with Emma and Duncan Pass £70.00£75.00
  • Creative Writing with Eve Makis £118.00£123.00
  • The Twist in the Tale: how to take your reader by surprise with Jane Hill £70.00£75.00
  • Exploring Character with Megan Taylor £70.00£75.00
  • Self-Publishing: from Finished Draft to First Twenty Reviews with Heide Goody and Iain Grant £70.00£75.00
  • Creating Plot Lines with Victoria Villasenor £70.00£75.00
  • Beginning your Novel with Megan Taylor £118.00£123.00
  • Writing Short Stories with Giselle Leeb £98.00£103.00
  • Commercial Copywriting for Beginners with Sian Tower £70.00£75.00
  • Taking the Plunge: Putting Together your Publishing Packet with Victoria Villasenor £70.00£75.00
  • Poetry and Spoken Word: From Page to Stage with Dan Simpson £70.00£75.00