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  • The Synopsis Surgery, Lecture and Workshop with Literary Agent Oliver Munson £32.50£37.50
  • First Steps to Writing Your Novel with Eve Makis £118.00£123.00
  • Getting Your Poetry Manuscript Ready for Publication with Jane Commane £70.00£75.00
  • Narrative Drive with Rod Duncan £70.00£75.00
  • The Poet as Bard: Storytelling in Poetry with Siobhan Logan £70.00£75.00
  • Be Your Own Writing Coach with Joanne Burn £70.00£75.00
  • How to Get Published with Teika Bellamy £70.00£75.00
  • A Critical Approach to Writing Poetry with Panya Banjoko £77.00£82.00
  • The Short of It: Short Story Creation and Publication with Victoria Villasenor £118.00£123.00
  • Refining Your Novel with Megan Taylor £118.00£123.00