Writing Prompt: The Path

Posted by writingschool on 22nd September 2016 in My Writing School Writing Prompts

Try this visual writing prompt to start your creativity flowing

The Path narrow path image for nudge #3

It is a thin path, unremarkable except for the fact that you’d be hard-pressed to fit more than two people on it side by side. You (or your character) is somewhere in the middle of the path – it stretches out ahead and behind you – where it goes is up to you.

In a moment you (or your character) will be met by someone wearing a distinctive colour who will give you an answer – why he/she does so, and what the question is that begs this answer, is up to you to decide.

You (or your character) will continue on your (or his/her) journey and eventually be met by another person who, in turn, will ask you a question…




Reproduced by kind permission from Brittle Star magazine.

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